I am a film editor and video artist who began collaging to escape electricity and never looked back. I needed something tactile and immediate that helped me release the images storing up in my head. Instead of money and equipment, I need an X-acto knife and glue. I make hand cut collages out of everything around me. I love to mix old and new material and believe collage is a perfect medium for this over-saturated world whose stories can be found in the juxtaposition and synchronicity of it’s remains. 

Recently I have started collecting things in life; trash on the street, rocks in the woods, feathers, (there are so many feathers in new york city) and my work is becoming more 3 dimensional now, collaging found objects or assemblage. This is the direction I am interested in moving, into new and much more abstract territory. 

I am an Asst. Arts Professor at NYU in the Graduate Film Program and have edited numerous award winning films. I have exhibited my videos and collages in galleries in NY, LA, Tokyo and London.

My studio is in Chinatown on the LES and the streets there are a goldmine. I am inspired by the patterns I see everyday around me, in the street, in nature, in the amazing people that live in New York. Everything is connected. Collage is a way of capturing that connection for a second, before it changes. I guess all art is that, the moment when everything connects. And then falls apart.